Lube Oils

Silverson is at the forefront of mixing technology in the solubilization of Viscosity Index Improvers for lube oils, and is recognized as the world leader in this field.

Multigrade lubrication oils were first developed in the 1950s to improve lubrication and provide the optimum viscosity across the full range of operating temperatures. This is achieved by the addition of polymers, known as Viscosity Index Improvers. These solid polymers come in a variety of forms and are difficult to solubilize using conventional stirred tanks, where process times can take from 12 to 24 hours.

Working with the world’s largest lube oil manufacturers and the major suppliers of VI polymer, Silverson has developed a range of high shear mixers that will rapidly disintegrate and solubilize the polymer into base oil - cutting process times to as little as 3 - 4 hours.

We offer mixing systems capable of processing polymer in all forms, including liquid, crumb, pellet, blocks and solid bales. The Silverson approach is faster, cleaner and more efficient than any other, allowing the user to eliminate the use of additional shredding and grinding equipment.

The D2500 Disintegrator Dissolver is a self-contained plant specifically developed for the lube oil industry. Designed as a “one stop” solution to solubilization, it can handle the largest bales commercially available and is increasingly specified as the standard equipment for this application.

Silverson also offers smaller disintegrator systems and pilot scale units for Research and Development and scaling up.

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D2500: One-Step Solubilization


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