Specialty Chemicals

“Functional” ingredients such as bentonite, xanthan gum and fumed silica (e.g., Aerosil®) are widely used in the chemical industry. They present a number of challenges to the user, being difficult to incorporate into the base liquid and having a strong tendency to agglomerate when added to water. Some products require a degree of shear to develop their functional properties.

A Silverson high shear mixer can rapidly incorporate the powders to obtain an agglomerate-free dispersion with maximized yield. To find out more, please read the reports below.

Application Reports

  • Dispersion of Fumed Silica - US Dispersion of Fumed Silica

    Fumed Silica (also called colloidal silica) is a fluffy white powder with an extremely low density, marketed under trade names such as Aerosil® and…

  • High Speed Dispersion of Bentonite - US High Speed Dispersion of Bentonite

    Bentonite is a naturally occurring aluminum silicate clay which can take up several times its own weight of water to form a highly thixotropic…

  • Xanthan gum in Chemical Applications - US Xanthan gum in Chemical Applications

    Xanthan gum is widely used for its thickening and stabilizing effect on emulsions and suspension, particularly in the food industry. It is also used…

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