High Active Surfactants

“High active” surfactants with a concentration of 65 to 70 percent offer economies in transport and storage costs. They are also more resistant to microbiological attack and contain fewer impurities than conventional surfactants.

Dilution of high active surfactants requires a high shear mixer due to the significant difference in viscosity between the two liquids. A Silverson In-Line mixer has the capability to rapidly blend the water and surfactant, either on a batch or continuous basis. It is also completely aeration-free. For more information on this application, please read the report below.

Application Reports

  • Dilution of High Active Surfactants - US Dilution of High Active Surfactants

    Surfactants such as Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) are widely used in shampoo, bubble bath, liquid detergent and other cleansing products, and are…

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