Brewers and distillers have distinct mixing challenges compounded by the fact that they are often working with large volumes. The high shear action of Silverson’s mixers can easily disperse filter aid powders, foam head retaining agents, isinglass finings and other powdered ingredients, significantly reducing mixing times over conventional methods.

Silverson is pleased to be able to share some of its applications expertise with you. Please see the reports below for more information on specific applications.

Application Reports

  • Dispersion of Filter Aid Powders - US Dispersion of Filter Aid Powders

    Before racking into containers most beer, particularly lager, is filtered to remove yeast and other solid matter in suspension. This reduces the…

  • Dispersion of Beer Foam Head Retaining Agents - US Dispersion of Beer Foam Head Retaining Agents

    Ingredients such as propylene glycol alginate (PGA) may be added to beer to stabilize the foam head and to aid resistance to breakdown of foam in the…

  • Preparation of Isinglass Finings - US Preparation of Isinglass Finings

    Lager beer is brewed using “bottom fermenting” yeast which sinks during fermentation. A storage period follows to ensure all the yeast has sunk to…

  • Production of Cream Liqueurs - US Production of Cream Liqueurs

    Cream liqueurs are an emulsion of cream with an alcoholic spirit such as brandy, whisky, vodka, etc. Which may be in highly concentrated form.

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