Sauces & Dressings

Sauces and dressings continue to grow in variety and popularity. Pourable dressings and sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise, dips, mustards and condiments can all be made using Silverson high shear mixers.

Silverson high shear mixers are widely used in the manufacture of sauces and dressings. They can carry out a range of tasks which would previously have required several different pieces of process equipment, including rapid dispersion of gums and thickening/stabilizing agents, and can produce a stable emulsion of fine globule size. To find out more specific information on sauce and dressing applications, please see the reports below.

Application Reports

  • Mayonnaise Manufacture - US Mayonnaise Manufacture

    Mayonnaise is an oil-in-water emulsion which can contain up to 80% oil. Some typical recipes would be as follows...

  • Preparation of Mustards - US Preparation of Mustards

    Mustards are made in a variety of forms, with various flavors and textures. They can however be divided into two basic categories:

  • Production of Salad Dressings - US Production of Salad Dressings

    There are many products which could be described as salad dressings, including many sauces. There are further variations of low calorie or low fat…

  • Manufacture of Tomato Sauces and Ketchups - US Manufacture of Tomato Sauces and Ketchups

    Tomato sauces are used in many products including frozen foods, pasta sauces and pizza toppings, etc. A typical tomato sauce would be based on sieved…

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