Ophthalmic Solutions

Contact lens solutions and ophthalmic solutions have a similar base formulation—a saline solution (typically 5 percent) with a range of added ingredients, according to the desired function, which may include thickening agents, surfactants and active ingredients.

To blend these ingredients together, a mixer must provide vigorous in-tank movement to incorporate light powders that tend to float, and to prevent salt granules from sinking to the bottom of the vessel. There is also a need to properly disperse, hydrate and solubilize ingredients for optimal functionality. Processing must be carried out under a hygienic environment. A Silverson high shear mixer can rapidly dissolve salts and active ingredients and can hydrate stabilizing agents in a fraction of the time taken by conventional mixers, and offers the highest standards of hygienic construction available. For more information about this application, please read the report below.

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