Nail Varnish

Solvent, resin, colorant, plasticizer, suspending agent and filler are all used as ingredients in the production of nail varnish (also called nail polish or enamel). Varnishes are produced in a variety of colors and finishes, such as clear, metallic and pearlescent.

Mixing equipment must be capable of performing a number of tasks; blending fluids of widely differing viscosities, disintegrating and solubilizing resins and providing vigorous in-tank movement to incorporate light powders and dense solids. The Silverson high shear mixer can achieve this and dramatically reduce processing time while improving product quality, consistency and stability. For more information on this application please read the report below.

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Application reports for the nail varnish industry
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Nail varnish (also called nail polish or enamel) is a lacquer consisting of ingredients as ...

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