Disintegrator/Dissolvers - Technical Information

250 to 25,000 gallons

Silverson Disintegrator 2500 systems typically include:

  • Silverson Bottom Entry Disintegrator/Dissolver – provides rapid disintegration of solids and wetting of powders and is the prime mover of the fluid in the vessel.
  • Silverson In-Line High Shear Mixer – maximizes the solution of the fine particles created by the Bottom Entry unit and allows for instant homogenization of additive fluids.
  • Special Disintegrator 2500 vessel, associated piping, valves, fittings and controls – optimizes mixing characteristics to suit application needs.

Typical Applications

  • Rapid solution of rubber and polymer blocks into lubricating oils, solvents and asphalt for the production of VM luboils, adhesives and polymer modified asphalts for road surfacing.
  • Recovery of waste candy.
  • Wet crumbing of waste rubber.
  • Rapid dispersion of large volumes of powder or materials which are difficult to wet out and have a tendency to “raft.”
  • Dispersion of filter cakes.

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