Flashblend Powder/ Liquid Mixers - How It Works

The Silverson Flashblend is designed to rapidly wet out and disperse a wide range of powders into liquids. The system is based on proven technology combined with new techniques which stem from specific research into powders which are difficult to hydrate. The result is a mixer which can produce agglomerate-free homogeneous dispersion at higher production rates and concentrations than previously achievable.

Stage 1

The process liquid is pumped at high velocity into the venturi chamber and passes into the In-Line mixer. The combination of the pump, venturi and the pumping action of the In-Line mixer creates a vacuum in the venturi chamber.

Stage 2

When powder is present in the hopper, the powder feed valve can be opened. The vacuum rapidly draws the powder down into the venturi chamber where it passes with the liquid stream at high velocity into the rotor/stator assembly of the In-Line mixer.

Stage 3

The liquid/powder mix is then subjected to intense mechanical and hydraulic shear which ensures that it is completely dispersed and agglomerate-free. The resultant product is then passed back to the process vessel by the pumping action of the machine.


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