High Shear In-Line Mixers - Mixer Options

In-Line General Duty In-Line Mixers - US

General Duty In-Line Mixers

Silverson offers a range of In-Line mixers suitable for hazardous and aggressive chemical service. These robust mixers require minimal maintenance and provide some of the highest rotor tip speeds and shear rates in the industry. Self-pumping capacities from 5 to 50,000 gallons per hour.

Jacketed units are available for temperature sensitive products and construction in non-standard materials such as hastelloy, titanium and hardened steels can be offered.

In-Line Multistage In-Line Mixer - US

Multistage In-Line Mixer

The Multistage In-Line Mixer quadruples a number of shearing actions per revolution of the rotor, resulting in substantially faster mixing times and also increasing the number of products that can be processed in a single pass.

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