Laboratory Mixers - Mixer Options

Lab L5M-A Laboratory Mixer - US

L5M-A Laboratory Mixer

Over 40 interchangeable mixing assemblies are available for L5 Series Laboratory mixers. The unit is finished in a tough, easy to clean, non-chip white nylon coating. All wetted parts are in 316L stainless steel with the exception of the bush which may be bronze alloy or PTFE. The mixing unit may be effortlessly raised and lowered using the touch pad control, which offers increased cleanliness and reliability.

Lab L2/Air (Compressed air) - US

L2/Air (Compressed air)

Designed for use in explosion proof areas, the L2/AIR is powered by an intrinsically safe air motor and will accept any L5 series mixing assembly. Capacity is from 1ml up to 12 liters.

Lab AX Pilot Scale - US

AX Pilot Scale

The AX series of mixers is a small scale production unit widely used in industry, pilot scale plants and research institutes, etc. These mixer models have a capacity of up to 50 liters.

Lab Sealed Unit Lab Mixer - US

Sealed Unit Lab Mixer

The Sealed Unit Laboratory Mixer is designed for working on sterile materials where it is essential to exclude airborne contamination. Capacity is from 1ml up to 5 liters. Special assemblies are available for working under vacuum.

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