Ultramix Mixers - How It Works

Stage 1

As the mixer rotates at high speed, the grooves on the outside of the dynamic mixing head project the surrounding product outwards with great force, creating an area of low pressure around the trailing edge of each groove.

Stage 2

This draws product from within the mixing head, through the radial slots to the outside, subjecting the material to a shearing action. The grooves in the head drive the product outwards into the body of the mix at high velocity.

Stage 3

As material is drawn out of the slots, fresh material is sucked in through the holes in the top and bottom of the mixing head; this material is then drawn out through the slots and projected back into the mix. The pumping effect of the grooves and the shear action of the radial slots ensures rapid mixing, and develops a vigorous axial flow pattern throughout the vessel.


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