Mixing Tips

Accelerate Your Solubilization Process with a Silverson In-Line Mixer

If you are solubilizing rubbers or polymers into solvents, oils or asphalts, your in-tank agitator might incorporate the material efficiently, but the washing action of the agitator cannot reduce the solids in size so it takes a long time to completely solubilize the polymer. A Silverson mixer will accelerate the process as the liquid and solid materials are subjected to intense high shear as they pass through the workhead, reducing the particle size and so exposing an increasing surface area to the surrounding liquid. The combination of finely reduced particle size and vigorous mixing rapidly solubilizes the polymer or rubber. Silverson offers a range of equipment to suit all batch sizes and types of polymer, including systems that can handle whole bales of material into the solvent, eliminating preliminary chopping and grinding stages.