Silverson mixers offer clear advantage in Carbopol dispersion

Industry-leading technology creates rapid, predictable and uniform mix every time

Silverson Machines has released “How to Mix Carbopol,” the latest in its new series of “how-to” videos which can be found in a growing, informative and easily accessible online library outlining the company’s solutions to challenging and complex mixing applications.

“Our new videos show the clear advantages of Silverson mixers in a wide variety of industrial applications,” says Matt Smith, International Sales Director. “For the cosmetic industry, we are illustrating how our mixers can eliminate the difficulties often experienced when dispersing Carbopol, a key thickening ingredient found in many personal-care gels, creams and lotions. As the video demonstrates, Silverson’s powder/liquid mixing systems can cut processing time by up to 90 percent and provide a uniform mix every time.”

Reduced time, predictable results

Dispersing Carbopol effectively is a challenging task, because the powder tends to float on the surface of the liquid and needs vigorous agitation to incorporate it into the water – while keeping aeration to an absolute minimum. A degree of high shear is also required to properly disperse and hydrate the Carbopol, to ensure an agglomerate-free dispersion and obtain a clear, bright gel after neutralization. “How to Mix Carbopol” draws from Silverson’s 70 years of experience in helping clients with challenging mixing applications. The video demonstrates a range of options for Carbopol dispersion – from in-tank mixers for small batches to the latest powder/liquid mixing systems for bulk production. 

With a Silverson Flashmix, the powder is fed into the hopper, and then rapidly incorporated into the liquid stream. It then passes into the precision-engineered rotor/stator workhead, where the materials are intensively mixed before being returned to the vessel by the self-pumping mixer. This allows for the rapid dispersion and hydration of the powder without forming agglomerates, and with minimized aeration. After a short recirculation period, the Carbopol is fully hydrated, uniform and agglomerate free, all in a fraction of the time taken by convention agitators. Silverson also offers a range of in-tank mixers for smaller volumes – such as the Ultramix, which is ideal for rapid incorporation of Carbopol, and can handle higher-viscosity mixes.

When complete, Silverson’s “How-To” collection will feature dozens of high-quality, easy-to-understand videos,all housed on Silverson's Website How-To Video Library.

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