Mixing Applications

High-Speed Sugar Dissolving

Silverson High Shear Mixers are ideal for rapid solubilization of sugar and can create a 66 Brix sugar solution at ambient temperature.  Further cost savings can be obtained through the acceleration of the dissolving process provided by the intense high speed, high shear mixing of a Silverson mixer.  They can complete solubilization in a fraction of the time taken by conventional agitators.

Typically, in many processes, sugar would be dispersed along with other ingredients such as gums and thickening agents, active ingredients, flavors, coloring, etc. Silverson mixers offer considerable advantages over conventional mixers for these tasks as well; we have a library of application reports giving detailed information here.

Our range includes mixers from Laboratory scale up to full production Batch and In-Line units.

We also offer the Flashmix, a powder/liquid mixer that allows you to incorporate and solubilize large quantities of sugar at rates of up to 10,000 kilos per hour. The powder is added via a hopper at floor level, meaning you don’t need conveyor systems to get it to the top of large tanks.

All our mixers are designed and built to the highest sanitary standards that meet or exceed regulations in the food industry - and we offer ultra-sanitary units for pharmaceutical applications, for example preparation of cough syrups.

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