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Silverson Machines specializes in the design and construction of high quality, high shear mixers for the processing and manufacturing industries worldwide. When you choose a Silverson mixer, you not only get the best quality high shear mixer on the market today, but you also get the advantage of Silverson’s engineering expertise and years of application knowledge in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics & toiletries industries.

Silverson has the know-how to help you select the right high shear mixer for your application and the flexibility to customize their products to suit your process specifications if required.

To help you find the mixing solution for your application, Silverson offers a free on-site trial program and has extensive test facilities – one in the US and one in the UK – equipped with a wide range of laboratory and production scale machines. Here clients can test new products and discuss, in confidence, their applications with Silverson’s on-staff engineers. We’ll find the right mixer for you.

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