Ultramix Mixers

The Silverson Ultramix is designed for applications that are beyond the capabilities of a conventional agitator or stirrer but do not necessarily require the intense high shear of a Silverson rotor/stator mixer.

Ultramix Mixer Advantages:

  • Ultra sanitary design - single-shaft, single-piece mixing head.
  • The Ultramix series is designed for clean-in-place (CIP) with sterilize-in-place (SIP) as an option.
  • Full compliance with 3A TPV (Third Party Verification), USDA and cGMP requirements.
  • Excellent in-tank movement is provided by the dynamic mixing head, even when processing high viscosity mixes.
  • The powerful vortex can rapidly incorporate large volumes of powders.
  • Low maintenance - the single-piece mixing head is of a simple, robust construction with no wearing parts or bushings.
  • The design is suitable for applications from aggressive chemical service to the most demanding sanitary standards and requirements.



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