Edible Oils

When edible oils are extracted from corn, cottonseed, palm, rapeseed (canola), soybean, sunflower, etc., they contain gums and other impurities that are removed by degumming, neutralizing and bleaching processes. The refining process for edible oil is generally high volume and continuous. Silverson high shear In-Line mixers have the advantage of being able to reduce reagent additions to the smallest possible droplet size quickly and efficiently. High shear mixing also ensures an agglomerate-free, homogeneous suspension of ingredients during the refining process. For more information on the refinement of edible oils, click on the application report below.

Application Reports

  • Refining of Edible Oils - US Refining of Edible Oils

    Edible oils obtained from coconut, corn, cottonseed, olive, palm, peanut, soybean, sunflower, etc., contain gums and other impurities which are…

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