Flashmix Powder/Liquid Mixers - Mixer Options

Flashmix FMX 25 - US


Capable of incorporating powders at rates of up to 40 lbs/min, the FMX25 is available with a 1.4 cu ft hopper as standard.

Flashmix FMX 50 - US


The FMX50 can be supplied with a 1.4, 3.5 or 10.6 cu ft hopper, profiled for minimal aeration. Powder incorporation rates of up to 130 lbs/min are achievable.

Flashmix FMX 75 - US


For bulk powder dispersion, the powerful FMX75 can incorporate powders at rates of up to 500 lbs/min. Available with a profiled 10.6 cu ft hopper.

Flashmix Sack Table - US

Sack Table

A stainless steel sack table is available as an optional extra for models FMX25 and 50.

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