When it comes to blending liquids with similar viscosities, a conventional agitator can yield satisfactory results. However, when faced with significant viscosity differences between liquids, the limitations of agitators become apparent. Rather than effectively blending the liquids together, agitators tend to merely move them around, resulting in a time-consuming process to achieve a uniform blend. This challenge is particularly evident in the production of honey-based products, notorious for their high viscosity and sticky nature.

How to Mix Liquids of Varying Viscosities


With a Silverson high shear mixer, the unique design of our rotor/stator assembly facilitates a positive mixing action that swiftly draws the liquids into the workhead, where they are rapidly combined. The blend is then forcefully expelled through the stator and projected back into the vessel, resulting in almost instantaneous and thorough blending of the liquids.

Unmatched Efficiency with Silverson High Viscosity In-Line Mixers

In certain applications, such as continuous dilutions or instances where materials react upon contact, our Silverson High Viscosity In-Line Mixer offers the most optimal solution. By introducing the secondary liquid into the pipeline just upstream of the In-Line mixer, both liquid streams are subjected to intense high shear upon contact. This highly efficient process ensures a homogeneous blend is achieved in a single pass.

Case Study: Quickly Diluting High Viscosity SLES in Water

How to Blend Liquids of Varying Viscosities
High Viscosity In-Line
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