Particle Size Reduction

Particle size reduction is a crucial step in various applications. The degree of particle size reduction will depend on the hardness of the product, but for many applications including the Manufacture of Plant-Based Milk Alternatives, the use of a Silverson mixer will dispense with the need for conventional size-reduction equipment.

The high shear action of the Silverson rotor/stator workhead can achieve rapid and uniform milling of both solid and semisolid materials to a low micron size in a single operation.

Achieving Optimal Particle Size Reduction

Silverson’s Rapid Milling in Action

For optimal particle size reduction, it’s advantageous to introduce the material into the smallest volume of liquid possible. This approach concentrates the mixer’s energy on dispersing and milling the material, rather than moving the entire batch volume. The higher concentration promotes attrition, expediting the reduction of particle size. Once the desired particle size is achieved, the remaining liquid can be swiftly incorporated into the mix using the Silverson mixer.

High Shear Mixing Enhances Milling Processes

Where conventional milling equipment is required, pre-milling the product with a Silverson mixer will create a uniform premix that will pass through the conventional mill at a much faster rate, because media mills work best when fed with a product of a consistent and low particle size. Silverson offers a range of mixers including single and multistage In-Lines designed for processing even the hardest materials such as pigments, dyestuffs, filter cake, titanium dioxide, etc.

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